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Posted by: llamallynn ( usa ) on August 27, 1999 at 17:37:10:

i am the drive-thru order-taker and i know this........the customer is always right!!!! even when they're wrong...too many times folks have told me about bad service or food in either our store or the other in our city.....and i contact my manager and we try to make it right!!
we want them to come back....but the thing is, if i spend good money anywhere, on anything, i should get what i paid for!!! and so should linda koopman have gotten exactly what she paid for and if anyone would like our customers to stay home and cook their own food, THEY HAD BETTER LOOK FOR ANOTHER JOB!!! this is my job...to please my customer and make sure they want to come back. ....either here or to another, but if one is truly dissatisfied with mcdonald's, get a phone number or address for the main offices from the store manager and complain there..do something about it!!! and, don't frequent those restaurants that have poor quality food and/or service

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