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Posted by: Rowelentless ( New York Metro, USA ) on August 28, 1999 at 10:39:11:

I have total regrets for working at McDs. In november I was desperate to get a job. This was my Junior Year in HS. Billed as the most important by many. Aganist my mother's wishes I went and applied. Then I got a job and worked for about 6 months. From what I encountered.

*Stress on young people
Some area captains in my store were HS people. Who in the hell thought it was a good idea to put that resonsibilty in their hands.
*A Manager-crew member relationship
It seems that if you are very naive you can get a promototion. This girl, well she didn't actually see him. But why have a 17 year old girl flirt with a 30 year old married man. Unrelated to this, this very iressposnible girl moved to AC this year!
*Many McD workers are treated like trash.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know this. Try cleaning the dinning room. Countless times my foes would act rude, totally disrespect me, and worst yet leaving me w/ the mess to clean up. The customers sometimes want you to be the butlet. Like you are in spago's!

*Why did I choose to work late?
What an idiot I was for doing so. Still my sleep patterns are messed up.

*Customer's ARENT always right.
Not when they curse at you. (It didn't happen to me, but others) Not when they ask for prices when it is right in front of them! Not when they ask for coke, when it is promenitly displayed through the store.
Treat us well maybe we will treat you well.

*The only positive of McDs.
Meeting people. Unfortunately you are making 5.65 at the same time. I met the most cool people there. (But I met cooler people in Key Club)

*Why low wages?
To cut costs? Or to make us feel bad? Anyways if you people working there you will have to step up your wages. At least $6 for 15-16 year olds. $7.50 for 17 and older.

*The manager is always a screw up.
I fear that many of some of the HS drop outs I know will end up being managers. Most of them never finished HS. So when I visit mcds next time I can PROVE I am smarter than them.

*Fast food isn't good for you.
Tae-bo and more excerise is. Now I only eat Mcds once or twice a month. Sometimes zero. Still I should stay away from Junk. (Even Taco Bell)

*On the east coast you can't unionize a store.
I tried. When I showed the mcspotlight stuff to my former co workers, many freaked out. One said he wouldn't eat the stuff ever again! Besides it's too time comsuming. (Any one from Long Island want to do so?)

To make a long story short, I quit by taking a "leave of absence". On April 24th, four days after the trenchcoat clan struck I catupulted!
With tests, school, my web site(I almost was forced shut it down due to copywright stuff),pressure from my mom, not to mention low grades and failure of my road test...for the second time. I flipped out when my bro mentioned the latter in school that day.

One week later I went to pick my last check. I told my boss that I needed to refocus on education and I would becoming back in July.

Well July has passed. Guess where I am? Target.
McD's should look at how they run a business! You are treated as a human and not a robot. You are more independent and there are less immature people due to a stringent drug testing policy. I'd recomend any HS person to work there.

I went to the DT about 2 times since that day. Surprisingly no crew member can recoginize me!

But to this day I have not went inside the physical building. I am too scared, but I miss many of my friends. Should I just walk in? WOuld the managers get pissed.

....I think I will go back there on Saturday April 24, 2000
It would be kind of freaky, but..no wait a minute..why?

Well my senior year is upon myself. I have a priorties to take care of.

McSpotlight I should have listened to you! I was near brainwashed! Damn!

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