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I'd like to clairfy some stuff.....

Posted by: Darya ( USA ) on September 01, 1999 at 11:49:47:

I just want to clear some stuff up so people that respond to my messages can get the whole picture:

I started work at McD's in May 1998, and until November-December 1998 I actually LIKED my job. The store I worked for was fortunate enough to have competent, friendly managers who did their job quite well. Things soon changed, as we received several managerial changes in late 1998, and things went downhill from there. As soon as I was no longer a minor, guess what-NO BREAKS!!!!! And i usually worked 8-9 hours too.
I would come home so tired that i would collapse, and I always felt nauseaous after work (I worked the open shift, so I was unable to eat real homemade food until about 7pm that night).

Yes I was injured on the job several times but I do realize that it is part of the job.

I was also treated with a total lack of respect (as a fellow human being) and rudeness by customers, and guess what? I couldn't do anything about it because the customer is always right.

As far as wages are concerned, no I do not feel that my salary was enough. I was told many times by managers (a rare occurance in general after the changes) that I was doing a good job and to keep up the good work, etc. So I naturally thought that this would reflect upon my pay, but it didn't. I worked there for almost a year and a half and was only making 10 cents above minimum wage.
NO I AM NOT GREEDY I was trying to help support my mother as my parents had just gotten divorced and I HAD TO WORK.

So how did I perform when I was employed by mcd's? I tried to do my best every day. No I didn't complain at work I did that after I went home. I smiled and the like even under customer harassment.

Why do I dislike McDonald's? I feel that they exploited me as a worker. I feel that for such physically draining work one should be compensated just a little more than usual.

Okay now you know the story. So please keep this in mind in your responses, if not I will just refer you back to this post. Thanks

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