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Posted by: McChick ( Crew Trainer, Australia ) on September 01, 1999 at 11:53:10:

In Reply to: No #2 on the complaining list posted by The Cleaner on August 31, 1999 at 13:11:37:

: When a full time person quits, many think that this will upset Mcdonald's, it doesn't. When a full time person quits, this means that they do not have to pay as much in wages, plus bye, bye shareholding for that year.

It definately does not upset our store when a full timer quits. The quality of some of our recent ones has been pretty low, we are glad to see them go and hope that we get some better ones. I don't want to upset the good full timers now, currently at our store we have some good full timers and only one who doesn't work much.

: If something needs fixing, they'll wait untill it burns to the ground until they fix it.

How true! You should have seen the condition of our shake parts tray for close. It was barely holding together. I complained about this several times then found out that they did have a new one and had had it for a while, they were saving it for full field! Talk about workplace safety - the old tray could have snapped at any time and result in a heavy object landing on a crew's feet and doing some damage. But that didn't happen. We have had the new tray for a while now, and it is still in good condition.

: But, remember this, believe in this, there is no sense in bitching to the management, they don't care. So use this board to bitch and wine, and let the good times role.

I had a great time argueing with the managers last night about the way we do close. The old way or the new way. My other girl and I wanted to do it the old way, but they wouldn't let us and we did it the new way. They said it usually takes one girl the whole hour to get all of the machine done, and I was saying it takes about 40 minutes for me, and the manager said it could be done in 25 minutes. I set myself on proving them wrong that it would not take me the whole hour, and ended up doing it in half an hour.
It was month end last night too! I hate month end! Does anyone else hate it?

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