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the only difference is our outlooks.

Posted by: little green tree frog on September 08, 1999 at 10:59:21:

In Reply to: why don't you just face the facts. posted by Aussie Maccas Chick on September 07, 1999 at 16:18:49:

: I know for a fact that if you were in the same situation you would have a lot to whinge about too.

i cant imagine that your situation is much different than my former fast food life. the only difference is our outlooks. i cannot stand to let a situation take controll over me. if there is a possible road i can take to change something i don't like, i will take that route. (notice that i do not work in fast food any more)
if your managers are so bad, i would need some specific examples of unreasonable situations to see your point. i always got along well with my bosses.

: I've mentioned it before and you havent acknowledged it - If Maccas is such a wonderful,glorious, heavenly place to work then why is there such a high staff turnover??????????????????????????????

well, i havent' aknowledged it because i never made that claim, and i didn't intend for my posts to imply it.
i have been in the position of having to hire and train new crew people week after week, so i am quite familiar with the high turn over in fast food. (a very stressful task and a contributing factor to my decision to leave fast food.)

i think we both know the reason for the high turn over. no one wants to work there. people get hired on, work for a couple of paychecks to help get themselves out of a financial bind, then they never show up again. no big loss to them. others are just to damn lazy to actually work 40 hours a week and they just don't show up one day. next thing you know, they've moved on to the next food chain around the corner.

both you and i knew that fast food wasn't a glamorous job before we ever applied, so that is why i can't understand what you hope to accomplish with your bitching. basically, you knew what you were getting into.

most folks would never stay at a job where they were treated like crap. you say the staff turnover is high in you area, well, where are all these ex employees going to work after they quit your store? unless they remain unemployed, i imagine there must be somewhere else that is hiring. you will probably ignore this thought though.

speaking of not acknowledging things you've mentioned, you havent acknowledged the majority of what i've said, where as i try to address most of your complaints.

to address another one of your silly mental concoctions:
if i were a mickey d's spy, seeking to hush you, would i be suggesting that you get out? think about it, mcdonalds doesn't hear your cries.......they don't care. their outlook on staff is "everyone's replacable"

again, let me state: mcdonalds would crumble apart if they could not depend on cheap labor. (the words of a mcdonald land spy????)

the tree frog

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