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If I want to be 'professional,' I'll get a JOB!

Posted by: Phil Latio ( just kidding, it's Hugh Morris!, USA ) on September 10, 1999 at 11:10:17:

In Reply to: Fast food conduct posted by Jon Spears on September 10, 1999 at 00:06:11:

Jon: Even if you are off the clock....You still should conduct your self in an orderly fashsion, You are representing the place you work for. I used to work for Dairy Queen, so i know all to well about fast food

Morris: When you speak of representing one's employer, I assume you mean something like, "Even after your shift ends, and you're sitting in the dining room, wearing your polyester uniform, waiting for a bus or some other such conveyance to take you away from this place, you are still a representative of your employer." That's fine. For a "disorderly" employee in such a position, the solution is to never be inside the building unless scheduled to work. "Scheduled for work" does not include checking one's work schedule (use the telephone), picking up a paycheck, or idle chit-chat with coworkers. At the end of the shift, said employee should hit the time clock, and be gone within sixty seconds. That way, he is no longer a "representative" of his fine fast-feeder, and is free to be unsmiling, to flip the middle finger to anyone in sight, to curse, to break wind, to drink, hit the marijuana bong, and inject heroin into his veins with reckless abandon.

On the other hand, perhaps your meaning is something like, "Wherever you go, you are a goodwill ambassador to your employer." Sorry, but my goodwill is worth more than US$6.81 per hour. I am not homosexual, but I was "closeted," in a manner of speaking, for nearly eight years. Specifically, I was so ashamed by my fast food job that I never told anyone where I worked. Whenever a stranger asked what I did with my life, I would truthfully answer "student." I've found that admitting that embarrassing secret is a quick conversation killer, even among drunken bar sluts. Therefore, it's best to leave the job behind when the shift is over.

Let Me Tell You About My Job,

Hugh Morris

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