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I would never allow my children to work for this awful company

Posted by: erin ( ct, usa ) on September 12, 1999 at 00:28:17:

I worked for Mcdees on and off for ten years. Pitiful wages, long hours and I was constantly taken advantage of. I was a manager. The way they expect the teenagers to work is terrible. Most of the managers in the stores were crooks who stole money from the ronald Mcdonald fund, they also took money from the till and blamed the workers. No one can tell me that that doesnt happen in all the resaraunts. The company and all of it's affiliates are crooks and should be shut down. The supervisors are mostly uneducated high school drop outs who slept with someone to get thier position. there is not enough time to write all I have to say. Don't ever let your kids work for this company.

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