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Scarred for life for a holiday job. Why?

Posted by: athena on September 12, 1999 at 00:34:09:

In Reply to: turnover posted by llamallynn on August 27, 1999 at 17:34:46:

oK, you think Mcdonalds is duch a great place for young people to work, if they are prepared to make an effort and cooperate. I think jyou should know about a friend of mine, who worked for McDonalds. He is 16, the lowest legal age for work, and because he was a man, he was put in the kitchen, regardless of the fact he had no food hygiene qualifications. On his first day, he was put working on the grills, he was not trained up properly beforehand, and was driven to go a near superhuman speed by a supervisor feeling harassed because there was not enoughb staff. He was threatened with the sack iof he did not perform, and, as the money from the job went top his education, he tried desperately to keep up. In doing so, he badly burned his hads on the grill, thanks to his lack of training, and will be scarred for life. He left at the end of the first day, with blistering burns on his hands and in pain. He then quit, and now works in another factory, where he has been complimented on his cooperation and skill at picking up new tasks. He is not the only teenage friend of mine who has suffered the consequences of a holiday job, a job he will bear the scars of for life. For 3.60 an hour. The whole thing is someone's idea of a very sick joke!

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