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Posted by: Glen Day ( McDonald's Conder A.C.T., Australia ) on September 16, 1999 at 13:24:07:

In Reply to: McDonald's and the Environment posted by Glen Day on September 16, 1999 at 00:33:48:

Ok may-be McDonald's are destroying the environment but they are introducing ways to help the environment as I've seen working there, because of the popular demand of McDonaldís customers and lovers it is very hard to please everyone. As you all know McDonald's started as a small drive-in business, which Dick and Mack McDonald did not want to experiment with there small business until Ray Kroc was involved. Back then McDonald's was ok because they werenít destroying the environment as much as today, because of there popular demand of customers they continued to expand. As McDonald's continued along they decided to in force things to fix what they are doing to the environment for example McDonald's builds there own production fields were they grow there products like there beetroot industry, McDonald's has signed up will Goldencircle to build there of production fields.

For the fact sheets, I have read through the fact sheets and seen most of the facts performed at only my restaurant and every other restaurants today, may-be back then only a limited amount of restaurants performed these facts but today they are in forced into the McDonald's Restaurants. As you said in your argument "Ed Oakley also testified that the McFact cards you mention served no useful purpose with respect to plastic/polystyrene waste; since "the company had not recycled any of the waste and in fact the polystyrene was "dumped". This only specifies that plastic/polystyrene waste was not recycled and doesnít say the other arenít are preformed making your so called WARNING misleading "WARNING - the information on this page is company propaganda, produced to persuade you to buy more of McDonald's products. Parts of it may be deliberately misleading." . As I said in my last argument McDonald's trying to improve the ways there destroying the environment.

As I stated earlier on, McDonald's are ordering to a popular demand of there customers and thatís why there the largest single customer of the meat industry.

Glen Day

McSpotlight: McDonald's create the demand for meat by spending over $2 billion a year on advertising.

The livestock business is the single greatest destroyer of land fertility and user of resources in the world today; it accounts for 33% of all raw materials consumed by a Western country.

In advertising a meat-heavy diet, McDonald's are in the vanguard of the destroyers; in fact, they are the world's #1 buyer of meat.

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