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Macca's bites the big one

Posted by: Wacky T the CT ( Australia ) on September 29, 1999 at 18:34:43:

In Reply to: In reply to McWorker posted by Crew Tranier on September 27, 1999 at 17:24:49:

: I Know what your feeling! I have worked for McD's for three years. Two and a half as a crew trainer. I hate the damn job! Everytime someone does not do their job right, I am to blame. I am one of two crew trainers out of 68 crew people! The job sucks! People call in every day! One day we had ten call ins and guess who had to run grill by themself. ME!!!! and it was a $2500 breakfast. Needless to say I almost quit because they refused to call anyone in. The job is not worth minium wage.

Crew Trainer

I, like you, have been working in McDonalds as a crew trainer for some time, however the point you made before about the reason for your almost quitting desturbed me. If you have been there for three years, surely the only reason you are still there is because you cant find another job, if it takes a busy morning to realise this, i think it is time to wake up. Get out while your young, get a real job.

Macca's bites the big one, there is no job satisfation being a crew trainer, apart from getting to watch those stupid videos over and over again.

The only benefit is that your experience at maccas should land you a better job, start searching and may the force be with you.

PS. I am still stuck in the rut, the force is not with me.


Wacky T the ct (Crew trainer)

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