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Thinking for yourself is not allowed

Posted by: Lauren ( McDonalds Escapee, Australia ) on September 30, 1999 at 11:10:21:

In Reply to: Disease or epidemic??? posted by Manager Dan on September 29, 1999 at 14:24:53:

"Repercussions: The rate you're going at Glen you've probably already qualified for a scholarship at Hamburger University, but with your proven qualifications in gullibility you're destined for greatness in McDonald's academia."

Oh manager Dan, how correctly you have summed up the way of thinking of the McDonalds powers that be.

I was once like poor Glen Day. I started working at McDonalds as an impressionable teen in need of pocket money. Five and a half years and a University Degree later, I was still there and contemplating my future. "Management Experience" that was what I believed I needed. "McDonalds", thinks I "has been a good place to work, I'll apply to get into management there."

Well I got in and I was good at it according to their requirements and spot checks, good at it, that is until the hours, and routines and pressure, reduced me to a state of clinical depression, and emotional instability with other associated physical problems. All in less than 12 months.

I have since broken free from the cycle and have rebuilt my confidence and self esteem and can see the expreience for what it was.

Thinking for yourself is not allowed and you are the punching bag for everyones problems. Someone like Glen Day may go far, so long as he has skin and inch thick and never steps back and looks at his place in the grand scheme.

Thank you, manger Dan, for summing up my thoughts so perfectly. If only more of the world thought like you.


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