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Love To Cut The Tall Poppies?

Posted by: Nicola Konderla ( Boronia, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA ) on September 30, 1999 at 11:16:45:

I have been a manager at a McDonald's store for the past three years and both full time and casual on and off since I was in High School. All your information, although interesting, is very biased. You have concentrated on all the negative points and images of McDonald's, both as a fast food restuarant and as a corporation. I wonder if you would ever contemplate the positive sides, such as the charities that they fund, or the sponsership they perform constantly, both Nationally and in each local community? I also wonder if you have ever seen the face of a fifteen year old who had just been told they have been accepted for a postion in a McDonald's store? Without the extensive jobs McDonald's provides, many young Australians would be denied the training oppurtunities and income they get from their casual jobs. And let's not forget the scolarships each store nominates their workers for every four months. No, I guess it's easier to cut down a highly visable company and use their weaknesses rather than their accomplishments.

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