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Posted by: Dave ( USA ) on October 04, 1999 at 11:08:12:

Using my freedom of speach, Addressing 1)"McDonalds Propaganda" - You have wathced to many war movies, gosh, maybe the hamburgers really aren't beef, maybe it alien flesh from dead UFO's. 2) "Money Monopoly" - No Purchase Neccessarry, "NO DUH!!" NEXT!!! 3) "Eating Healthy" - I have a constitutional right to seek happyness, I don't like someone else telling me how or what to eat, I know the Nutritional value of McDonalds Food, I DON"T CARE - IT'S MY CHOICE - BUZZ OFF !!! IF I Couldn't Get it from Mcdonals and other places, I would prepare it at home and don't tell me how to cook at home, or what to buy when I go out to eat. GET A LIFE AND GIVE US OURS BACK, THIS IS THE U.S.A. not
some commi country. Oh yeh, thank you and have a good day.

McSpotlight: It's official; nv-CJD has hit the States...

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