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It pays to be a nerd

Posted by: It really does ( Aussie ) on October 04, 1999 at 15:52:05:

Here is just a little factoid. One of my friends works for a computer company with a salary ranging from $30-50 per hour!!! This amuses me because I see all these people saying that McDonalds pays a good salary to "unskilled" people but my "Unskilled" friend is earning a wage much higher than that of a McDonalds. So if you have some internet programming skills (perl, CGI scripting et cetera) try and apply for a job with a computer company. My friend offered to work for half the adult wage but his company said that he would be paid for quality. This is just a post to show people that there is really hope.

P.S. Just to be different if you flame me it will not be ignored, i will enter a fragile emotional state and cry for weeks.

McSpotlight: The geek shall inherit the earth...

(Yes - learning Perl or Python or C++ or Java is a very good way to find a well-paid job. You can sometimes find courses on offer at your local library; at least, you can here in the UK.)

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