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Posted by: Hugh Morris ( Howard Stern Society, USA ) on October 13, 1999 at 12:40:45:

In Reply to: Uniform posted by M@ on October 12, 1999 at 12:24:42:

: the day you plan to get fired wear NOTHING under your uniform. Now this takes balls, when you get fired turn in your uniform in the middle of lobby by taking it off, folding it up and handing it to your manager.

You will need a seam ripper, which is availible in sewing and fabric stores very cheaply if you need one. Just ask someone at the store for one; it's a small plastic handle with a sharpened metal hook protruding from the end. You'll want to discreetly cut the stitches in the hip pockets of the trousers, making the pockets useless to the next person who gets it. Unless, of course, your manager is the type that actually orders new uniforms for the employees! None of mine were.'re not fashionable, but they're useful for

Actually, I built up quite a collection of polyester/cotton uniform trousers over the years, yet management only had me down for four. When I quit, I returned the four worst-fitting, ripped-to-shreds trousers I had, keeping the good ones for myself. They're not fashionable, but they're useful for doing dirty jobs, like working underneath the car. I used mine at my next job in a metal factory, along with some cotton T-shirts purchased from the Salvation Army, which was the filthiest building you could imagine outside of a war zone. Dirt, coolant, grease, metal shot, and the metallic dust from the shot blacken your clothes ona daily basis. Not to mention, it reaches more than 100 degrees (F) inside during the summer. While most of my hung-over coworkers there wore denim jeans, permanently stained them in the flotsam and jetsam, and got so hot that they could wipe their hands on their jeans make foam from the sweat-soaked fabric, my pilfered fast-food trousers were lightweight enough to be cool, washed clean every time, and I didn't give a rat's ass if they got torn or otherwise damaged! Therefore, you might find it worth your while to swipe some pants on the way out.

Hugh Morris

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