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I'm a pissed crew of McDonalds!!

Posted by: sko ( state of the scene , Philippines ) on October 16, 1999 at 11:37:36:

I'm Isko, a service crew of McDonalds here in the Philippines. I know your organization before I became a crew coz I'm doin a fanzine here ! I work because I like to experience if all of your accusations are true and of course to have some extra money. I found out that almost all are true and I even convince my friends to give some of your leaflets to our store. I just suggest that they should make the leaflets on our own language and point out that it's not only McDonalds that we are fighting but the whole fastfood industry that practices the same shit as McDonalds. I'm planning to form a group here together with other crews. If you can donate some of your t-shirts, pins, posters,leaflets and other of your merchandising items, it's very much welcome! Even if it's old or kind of reject because it's very expensive for a person who lives in a THIRD WORLD country and one thing, we just want to show the management how piss we are to their bullshit policy!!Thanxx for your time! Here's my true address: ISKO #20 Maharlika Corner Malaya, United San Pedro Subdivision, San Pedro Laguna, Philippines 4023

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