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pay bullshit

Posted by: Kevin ( ???, Canada ) on October 17, 1999 at 18:07:14:

I work at McDonalds like nost people my age and am very sick of the garbage that the company continues to pull.

The minimum wadge just went up in my province and as a result the gerks at McDonalds no longer see that I should get my well earned 6 month raise that I am due for! Like everyone that I work with I am angry but not suprised in the least. I just can't believe that a billion dollar coorporation can't find the compation to pay me a few extra cents an hour - CHEAP BASTARDS!!!
(Just in case your wondering, I make $5.90/hour canadian)

p.s. To Dionne (the idiot who seems to reply to almost every post defending McDonalds)
Do you actually think that the company cares about you? - how naive can you be!

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