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Disgruntled McDonalds Employee

Posted by: Kelly ( USA,Columbus Ohio ) on October 17, 1999 at 18:20:18:

In May of 99 I applied for a job at a local McDonalds;I told myself I'd never work fast food but with school starting soon and it paying $10.00 per hour for the closing shift(It's a franchise restauraunt,Therefor the owners decide the pay rate,Amongst other things)I decided to put aside my pride and give it a chance.Never have I been so disgusted in my life.First off,Although there are signs everywhere claiming that it is an E.O.E And does NOT discriminate I found out the hard way just how untrue it was.I have a "chelsea cut"(My head is shaved,Except for bangs and a few pieces of hair framing my face)I was hired with this cut,But once the owners saw me I was forced to wear a hat.(So much for a diverse working environment)Now,I could understand my haircut being un-acceptable in most jobs.But this is a fast food restauraut.Not an office or upscale shopping center.On a cold night,While working in the drive-through,I put on my jacket which is covered in anti-racist,Drug free,And humans rights patches and buttons,I was told to remove it and was asked to leave it at home.I came close to being fired.I was being harassed by a co-worker and was told to"deal with it"99% of my co-workers are caucasian,I was promised paid vacations,Paid holidays,401K,Dental/Medical insurance,etc.5 months later I still haven't seen any of these so-called "benefits"I started asking questions and found that they do offer "benefits"but ONLY if you work 40 hours per week,Every week.They get around this by making the schedule so that only managers receive that many hours.Everyone else gets 39 hours.
The restaraunt brings in $2,000,000 per year.Afer all the over head costs the owners make at least 50% of this.How?By raising the prices daily(A cheeseburger costs $1.05)
A co-worker was sexually harassing another female employee and I.We were told to get over it.I could go on for hours but I need to get some sleep.Chances are I will post several more messages with more information thats supposed to be kept quiet.

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