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Working for Mcdonalds

Posted by: Realist ( - , - ) on October 17, 1999 at 18:22:58:

After reading a flyer you morons handed out i came to the conclusion that your just a bunch of annoying low lifes that live off donations from other people just because you complain about every little thing.

I work at a Mcdonalds, i recieve a VERY competitive pay, good fair hours, understanding and help from managers not only on work issues. As a company they have helped me devolp into a very talented/organised young male. I believe with the experiences i have had at mcdonalds i will find it easier to seek employment else where. So if you are content on slagging Mcdonalds about there treatment of Employees how about you get your facts right or shut the fuck up.

McSpotlight: The judges in the Mclibel trial ruled that McDonald's staff 'did poorly' in terms of pay and conditions worldwide.

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