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working at McDonald's was the hardest job I ever had.

Posted by: Alan Bruzzi ( USA ) on October 19, 1999 at 10:47:05:

In Reply to: interesting that you complain posted by mahatma on June 25, 1998 at 16:05:21:

I have to admit, that working at McDonald's was the hardest job I ever had. Even though I only stayed for 2 months (before I quit), it was quite a challenge. I learned a lot of new things while working there.
I was also one of the oldest crew members. I never stole anything there, but the guys let me have free courtesy cups of Coca-Cola. I never asked for free food. Speaking of Jewish bosses, I have worked for some before, and that other guy is right that they don't give too many raises. Maybe that's why I never got a raise, either. However, I wasn't complaining, because McDonald's is practically the only job one can get in Cumberland County, New Jersey.


: : I work at McDonalds, and I like to steal the bags of Fudge, Carmel, and
: : Strawbury, Sunday toppings... also I like to give all my friends free
: : food when my managers are not looking.
: : I HATE working with all the damn Mexicans... their idiots who don't know how to read...
: : The President of McDonalds must be the jewish person in the world... I've worked their for 2 years and I just got a rise from $5.15 to $6.00 yea!!! when all the new employees start at $6.00
: : What the Hell???

: : --
: : McSpotlight: however, racism isn't going to make you any more popular...

: I find it interesting that you complain about the Mexicans not being able to read when you can't even spell yourself. I too would be proud of stealing if I worked at McDonald's. Sounds like someday you'll be a wealthy man off of all that strawberry(strawbury) fudge. And your friends, they're probably not even your friends. They just come there for the free food.

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