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How can you stand it?

Posted by: Vador8088 (josh) ( U.S.A. ) on October 19, 1999 at 11:02:02:

In Reply to: I agree that sometimes it IS annoying posted by joshers17 on May 14, 1999 at 13:46:16:

Josh, its Josh you probley dont rember but we met once in MI, I have one of the Twins...anyways. From the sound of you letter you been at McDonnels for too long! How can you stand it? Me and the other twin just quit McD's and it was the best thing I have other done. I have wroked for many, many places and never have a recived such poor tretment as an employee. I and my girlfriend quit as part of a 20+ person walk out, I wish more crew would stand up for there rights as we did. Anyways Im back in a REAL job now, but I still have nightmares of that place.

: : you are right the tables are too small to accomodate the sandwich wraps and boxes. The heated landing zones (HLZ) are too small to accomodate a "bin level". And the bun toasters are slow. However, take a good look the next time you are working and it is busy. 3 min after lunch starts the computer buffer kicks in and extra sandwhiches are made if needed. Sometimes a order will appear form a register that is inactive or no one is standing at. You do get a small almost minute bin level. This is also why you get waste reciepts out of the grill printer and why the screen sometimes says "#260 buffmode" with no food to make. the computer is getting rid of extra sandwhiches. But still dont you hate it when you make a sandwhich all the way through just to look back at the screen and find it is a grill?

: Well, it is nice to hear from someone who actually knows his stuff about made for you. I agree that sometimes it IS annoying to make a sandwhich and find out it is a grill. When our made for you system was set up, it was done in such a way as to not add a buffer automatically.
: ~Josh

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