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My experiance with Mcdonalds

Posted by: Redz ( UK ) on October 19, 1999 at 11:02:25:

Mcdonalds.... a very known name worldwide. we all had our taste of mcdonalds either we are vegetarian or not. but to work for mcdonalds... is a taste i dont want to forget because i have learnt some valuable lessons throughout my experience but when i read about all the secrets behind mcdonald after i visited this site i feel disgusted to work for them, not in a manner of working thier but in manner of cruelty to animals and the destruction of the environment if all those facts are correct. i am not saying that everyone who works for mcdonalds should quit their jobs and get a new job, because i did learn valuable lessons and the meaning of hard work. i work in a VERY BUSY store in the UK and yes, this is my first job and i reckon this has enabled me to learn lessons which i wouldn't have learnt throgh other works. but to think of all the destruction to the environment and the cruelty to animals and other things. i do not not know what to do...........

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