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Posted by: p ( usa ) on October 20, 1999 at 20:28:51:

I remember an incidence, during the 80's, when our local McD's was promoting some special "limited time only" food product. It was something like "teriaki" chicken, and the employees were made to wear
large asian-looking rice-paddy hats. (Using the employees PERSON/BODY to promote and advertise a product)....the person taking the order kept trying to keep this hat on her head, but every time she looked down to punch the order in, the hat flopped foward.
I asked her: Do they MAKE you have to dress up like this?
And she said yes...I asked if they were paid extra and she just stood there as I told her: I would refuse to dress up and be humiliated for THEM and that she doesn't have to allow herself to be used like that.
I found it very disturbing that McD's would make these people dress up because of a sauce/flavoring for a chicken patty. No one should be or have their physical person used or exploited for promo purposes.

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