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For those that call us Mc Murder

Posted by: LuCkyBoy ( McD's, England ) on October 21, 1999 at 22:28:56:

In Reply to: Working at McDonalds - my opinion posted by Milena on October 21, 1999 at 12:02:25:

It is good to see there are people out there who don't hate the place that they work in. I have worked for my store for 1 year and I am a SRFM, but I had to work damn hard to get there so quickly- and no I did not lick peoples ass'.
With such a fast and varied workplace there can be a great deal to learn from such a job and I can only hope that others out there like you stick at it. The pay does get better, the work does get 'easier' and the abuse decreases, but this is the same as in any other job.

For those that call us Mc Murder;- what are your shoes made out of?
Do you use mobile phones? with those lovely tasteful leather cases?

If you live in a glass house, please don't throw stones, you don't do yourself any favours.

McSpotlight: Well, personally, my shoes are made from synthetics and I don't have a mobile phone; partly because I like to be unreachable and because I don't particularly want to irradiate my ears with steady doses of microwave radiation. Your call...

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