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Posted by: K P Chapman ( England ) on October 25, 1999 at 01:06:05:

In Reply to: Come on people posted by Ste on October 22, 1999 at 13:56:44:

I think you'll find, if you check other articles that I have put up here, that I have worked for McDonalds for a total of 3 year. I was also the 'McKenzie' friend to Dave and Helen at the Court of Appeal. Whilst doing that I put written submissions into the Court of Appeal.
You will further find that almost all of the stuff that you find in this web site has been shown to be correct and true. The Court of Appeal found that only a couple of points contained in the original leaflet were libellous. It has also been acknowledged that they were only found to be libellous because Dave and Helen could not afford to get the relvant evidence into court. A court may only rule on the evidence that it has seen. The two main points that were found to be libellous were the starvation in the third world and deforrestation in Brazil. McDonalds have spent almost 15 million (just over $30 million) and Dave and Helen were what could easily be termed 'poor.' They spent around 40,000, which was all donated by the public. They could not afford to fly the necessary people over from Brazil etc. etc. Although they have had points found against them, this MUST be looked at in this light. If you can't afford to bring the evidence to court, then you can't win that point.

In conclusion, I would say that you are rather nieve if you truly believe what you have wrote. If you read this and still think what you do (which you are definately entitled to do so) then you are looking no further than the end of your nose, and will see the truth of it when you've been at McD's for a long time. You'll also find many articles here from McD's workers around teh world agreeing, and going further, about almost every point brought up in Court. (One good point is at trial the judge (bell J.) said that McD's food does not cause cancer and heart disease, which I think you must admit is a bit silly. Every one knows that it does.)

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