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McDonalds in Australia is very differnt

Posted by: HillBilly ( Australia ) on October 25, 1999 at 16:49:32:

In Reply to: Need Information posted by Rinella Sharpe on October 25, 1999 at 15:29:47:

But that site is full of generalisations and half-truths. It trys to make the public think that McDonalds is the same all over the world. McDonalds in Australia is very differnt to McDonalds in USA or UK.

McSpotlight: Is beef not from cows in Australia? Is paper not from trees?

We have the full court transcripts from the McLibel case; you are welcome to look through them; they constitute the "official" view of the case. McDonald's has never tried to make the information public; quite the reverse.

A confidential internal memo from McDonald's in Australia (leaked to and broadcast widely by the media in 1996) revealed the corporation's dilemma around the world with media coverage of the trial: “Contain it as a UK issue”. “We could worsen the controversy by adding our opinion”. “We want to keep it at arms length – not become guilty by association”. “This will not be a positive story for McDonald's Australia”. The aim is to “minimize any further negative publicity”.

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