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Re: Of course you try to silence your critics...

Posted by: HillBilly ( Sydney, Australia ) on October 27, 1999 at 13:47:59:

In Reply to: Of course you try to silence your critics... posted by HillBilly on October 27, 1999 at 13:08:00:

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: McSpotlight: Which presumably means that deceptive advertising is OK?; or at least that it's entirely OK to use your financial muscle to attempt to silence anyone who dares to point out the truth.

: To use your playground analogy, it's like an 18 year old trying to beat up a 4 year old because the 4 year old criticized the 18 year old; is that justice as you understand it; or is it just corporate bullying?

All advertising is deceptive... when you look in a car magazine you dont expect the blonde babe in a bikini to come with the car (although it would be nice :)). Purchase a can of soup, look at the pretty picture on front of the can, now compare it to the brown mush inside the can. Thats just 2 examples and there are a million more. Money is power, if you have it use it.

All the big players in any industry pick on the little players. It comes with the territory. Microsoft does it and so does IBM.

McSpotlight: And the law is supposed to counter that; to provide a fair ground to stop the big bullying the small; that's the concept of "justice"; and it's one of the reasons why trying to silence fair criticism by using the legal system as a weapon is unjust.

It may be possible to bully people; does that make it *right*?

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