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Posted by: SLB ( AL, U.S.A. ) on October 29, 1999 at 10:56:12:

I was a hourly manager until recently at McDonald's. I started working there when I was 16. That was five years ago. I finally quit McDonald's, and I must say it was probably the best decision of my life! First of all, McDonald's workers are grossly underpaid for the work they do, and promotions are few and far between, at least for the company I worked for! I worked for a McDonald's inside Wal-Mart. Many of the Wal-Mart associates commented on what an excellent employee I was, and commented that they wished I worked in their department of Wal-Mart. Still, it was three years before I was promoted into management. The excuses given me ranged from being too young to not enough experience. How is one to gain experience without being given a chance? Also I was grossly underpaid for the work I performed. I was able to perform any task given to me, and was often assigned maintainance (unloading the truck, changing the grease vats, etc.) due to the fact that we could not keep a regular maintainance person. A maintainance person at many other fast food restaurants around here are usually paid $8-$9 dollars an hour. Even though I was performing maintainance duties ON TOP OF my regular managerial duties, I was being paid a little over $6 dollars an hour. Still, I held on to the job, because it was all I knew. I have now gotten back into the work force and have realized that there are better jobs out there with better benefits and better pay that will treat you twice as well as you would be treated working for mcDonald's. I write this message in the hopes that possible future McDonald's employees will read this and give serious thought before applying for a job at McDonald's. I would hate for another young person to waste so much of their life in a dead-end job. Thank you, and all comments would be appreciated.

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