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Posted by: septimus ( Aus ) on October 31, 1999 at 18:01:46:

In Reply to: why the hell is this web site still in operation?? posted by Dionne on October 28, 1999 at 13:06:04:

: As an active campaigner for animal rights myself, I am aware that Australian slaughterhouses do NOT use the 'stun-kill' method as used in most other parts of the world. In fact, it is illegal in all states and territories. Therefore, Mcdonald's Australia is NOT guilty of cruelty to animals.

: Secondly, Australian beef IS organic. Legislation passed 6 years ago ensures that all commercial beef and beef products remain chemical free and 100% pure. In fact, beef remains one of our biggest exports because of this fact.

: Perhaps the judges in the McLibel case found that Maccas crew in most countries 'do badly in terms of pay and conditions', but it cannot be refuted that Australian working pay and conditions are among the highest in the world, and as you yourself have read, most staff in this country are more than happy with their wages and working environment. We have one of the highest standards of living in the world because of legilsation that promotes and enforces fair pay and working conditions for all employees.

: You would know all of this had you bothered to do some research of your own instead of basing all of your 'evidence' on findings from one single judgement gross in its generalisations and not relevant to every single McDonald's franchise.

*I think that the point that you're missing is that McD GB is the SAME company as McD Aus. When we buy a burger in Australia, some of the profit goes to the same company which is cruel in other countries. When you give them money here you are condoning their activities in the US, Brazil, Germany, Russia and China. That is the evil genius of the Multinational.

McD is not kind to Australians out of the goodness of their hearts, it is because of the constant surveilance of their activities by groups such as (thankfully) strong unions, environmentalists, animal rights activists and indeed McSpotlight.
If they had been left to their own devices it would be a very different story indeed.

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