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No Room For Women

Posted by: POOK ( NEW YORK, USA ) on November 03, 1999 at 13:04:54:

Hello I am a McDonald's employee and I am one out of a total of around 10 females that work at a mcdonalds on New York 1 out of 6 managers is a female 1 out of 5 crew trainers is a female. In my mcdonalds we have come to notice that there is no room ffor advancment for females. I am a hard worker and I love my job, my male managers favor the males and make moves and rude comments to the females. I had requested to learn a diffrent station many times but was never considered because I was a female. But I had had enough so I made a complaint to my head manger and I was taught the area and I am now up against 3 males for a crew trainer, even though my window numbers are ten times better then them and I hustle the most in grill since they are males they will get it before me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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A very pissed off Employee POOK

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