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Bradley Indirectly Getting McDonald's Money

Posted by: SS ( BMC, USA ) on November 07, 1999 at 22:02:20:

Of the U.S. candidates for president, the two receiving the most
money from the meat industry are first Governor George Bush
of Texas and second Bill Bradley of NJ. Bush's contributors
were listed at http://www.ewg.org and http://www.crp.org
Bill Bradley has been funded by Michael Eisner, CEO of Disney
.. himself employing a vegan chef but promoting McDonald's throughout
China. His Disney (ABC) has a 10 year marketing agreement
with McDonald's, something which would be anathema to Walt Disney
who loved all animals. Henry Kissinger was asked to comment on the fact that if
China wants to double its egg production, the grain of 18
small nations would be required to fulfill that wish.

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