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Yeah! Me too

Posted by: Chief on November 09, 1999 at 18:45:09:

In Reply to: IF YOU ARE ALL SO UNHAPPY, THEN LEAVE!!!!!!!!! posted by llamallynn on October 28, 1999 at 22:17:13:

: i'm fairly content with my job at mcdonald's. there will always be something going on at any store that causes a problem, so.......either
: do something about it.........ie talking to the store manager or general manager or even the labor board in your area..... and if some action isn't taken (assuming your complaint is valid), then LEAVE!!!!!!!! there are other places to work...go find them......but i am tired of seeing so many of you just COMPLAIN..........well, waaaaaaaa...........

Yeah! Me too! All of you teenage worker bees that have no true concept of a fair and appropriate environment regarding employment should suddenly garner about 10 years of experience. I mean heck, why should any young and impressionable person be lead to believe that their manager whom they have been instructed to trust and admire could possibly steer them wrong? Hmmmm... sounds to me like a much bigger problem than just an ill fated decision. If you are so unhappy, then I suggest going to Burger King, and buying a Whopper value meal. Then proceed to eat it at the fornt counter while you take orders for the McDonald's customers!

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