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Posted by: Ed Blou ( AAAP, USA ) on November 15, 1999 at 12:06:45:

I see a lot of sniping back and forth concerning the issue of fast-
food unionization, specifically at McD's. Most of this correspondence is of the "they treat us well" "no they don't" variety. You all are missing the big picture here. Fast- food is a gigantic industry employing hundreds of thousands of workers and reaping vast profits. The industry is dominated by a small number of highly successful, very wealthy corporations that for too long have been allowed a free ride in terms of their responsibility to their employees. It is time that a formalized power structure advocating the workers' rights were instituted.
In historical terms, the ff industry is today where other large industries such as steel-making were a hundred years ago. The companies are free to do as they please, essentially. Oh sure, they'll treat you well, but only well enough to make sure you'll show up the next day.
Workers need to organize because the only power you have resides in doing so. The men at the top control the awesome power of capital.The eveyday worker has nothing to counter this except his labor. Remember that one cannot exist without the other. Have the self-respect to perceive your own importance in today's economy, and the courage to speak out for what is your rightful share.

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