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I will not let my crew throw food

Posted by: TBEER ( usa ) on November 22, 1999 at 10:38:28:

In Reply to: how the fuck can you people defend mcdonalds!! posted by penduls on November 19, 1999 at 10:44:02:

: there is no good point to make when speaking of mcdonalds they just corupt the young, making them a porn in there game of chess.

Mcdonalds isn't bad place to work at all. I have worked at two stores permently, and I have never seen anyone drop food on the floor and try to use it again. You have some fucked up managers there if that is what they do. They don't even need to have thier shirts if they will act like that. I must say though, I have seen food held over in the staging cabinets though and in the bin. We do not have a bin now cause were in made for you, but I do see food get held over. Our store isn't ran perfectly, but we do follow most of the rules there. I will not let my crew throw food, cuss on the floor, or anything like that. Both stores, that is. I have never really seen anything bad happen at eaither store I have worked at. I don't care if people horse around when were compleatly dead and have no orders on the screen, but I do expect them to get thier work done too.

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