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i just don't understand

Posted by: mickyd ( canada ) on November 26, 1999 at 11:45:35:

i just don't understand what some of you people are complaining about. i have worked for mcdonald's for 12 years,from cleaning the lobby up to management. yes, it is stressfull at times and the customers can be a pain, but i have always enjoyed working with and meeting the different types of people. we have many staff at our restaurant who come back to visit (if on a break from university or such,) so we can't be that bad an employer. the basics of the job are people skills, and yes i know there are managers out there who don't have any,but if you have a gripe or complaint about your job, tell someone! write a PAL letter, talk to your owner or supervisor or ops consultant. the problem has to be brought forward before any solutions can be made. i like to check out this site from time to time(this is my first message) just to see what to AVOID doing. i know that for some people this job sucks, but for most of the people i have met it is a means to an end. we all need money and we all need to work and if mcdonalds suck so bad, try burger king or k.f.c. or just deliver newspapers. please leave a reply if you'd like as i am interested in your comments

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