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Child labor!!!

Posted by: Kevin ( ?, Canada ) on December 09, 1999 at 10:53:18:

McDonalds is nothing short of a sweat shop and it borders on child labor. They pay as little as they can and rip off customers as much as they can. They brag about being the largest employers of youth and yet they treat thier employees like their personnal slaves at times. Would they treat thier own teenage children like this or tolerate it if someone else did? -- NOT A CHANCE!!!
All they care about is thier profit margin and getting more buissiness by brainwashing children. (I saw in a recent poll that Ronald McDonald is more known with kids than Santa Clause) They pray on children to bring in buisiness by making the place look glamorous and magical when really it's a dump.

p.s. This isn't an attack on all managers, it's directed to those who believe that the company has any morals at all and the people who run and orchastrate this manopoly.

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