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4-1 odds

Posted by: Gobi ( USA ) on December 11, 1999 at 21:25:24:

I have been working at a Central New York McDonalds for a year and three months. This July they updated the store for Made For You. With the MFY system, there is an assembly line way of doing things. I know that with winter comming the profits are going to drop, but it is not a good idea to cut labor and shifts with this kind of system. It makes it harder for the grill team, as they can't ever have less people up front than the grill. I know that they have to take orders to make money, but it doesn't help when you have four people up front, and one person making the food. The counter people just end up waiting for the food, especially since it is supposed to be TWO sandwiches at a time. It is very hard to make sandwiches for three register(drive-thru included) while droping meat, back line, and restocking the grill area. Winter is not the only time this is bad, as it also happens during the "slow hours", and even during peak hours with some of our managers. It also does not help raise the confidence of the crew, when the management has to ask if you need help, when one person obviously can't do it all at once. They used to have an email from the regional supervisor posted on the wall, stating that there was supposed to be at least four people in the back during peak hours. Tuesday, at 5:15 p.m. I was sent to get stock, leaving two people in the grill. Less than a minute later, I was helping the grill team, still two people, make seven double hamburgers, and seven chesse deluxes, with more orders piling up. This obviously shows that managment cares more on profits and transactions than getting the food to the people.

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