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It's the shifts you get once a millennium that count...

Posted by: Daniel Gribble ( McD, Australia ) on January 10, 19100 at 11:31:13:

Hi everyone and happy New Year/Millenium!
I'd just like to tell you a story about the shift I had on Saturday night, 22:00-02:00 in the hopes that you will realize how accomodating some managers are. I have noticed posted on this board before what can only be described as bitter, surly, hate-filled messages from ex-McD employees about how they were treated like a number...it is these people who I hope will read this post.

So I turn up at 21:30 and the crew who I were to replace at 22:00 are standing around not working...with the manager - noone seems to care (i mean hey its a new millenium for christs sake)...There are non-staff on the floor - even the McCafe crew are in the regular hamburger section sitting on the d/t bench having a good old laugh. We convinced the manager to close the store an hour and a half earlier that night...we had entertainment provided by him and his mate who were in back area dancing with a pair of tongs clipping them together in time with the music. Food was eaten all shift by mostly everyone - the reason I don't care my real name is attached here is because I am secure in the knowledge that all employees would be fired for their bahaviour (including the manager) if I were to be. It was the dodgiest shift I have ever been present at it is the best feeling when managers aren't yelling HUSTLE HUSTLE or CAYG in your face for once....

Once every millenium huh ? :)

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