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Posted by: Grillboy ( maccas, australia ) on January 10, 19100 at 11:48:15:

Source: Reuters

The fast food industry world has been shocked and saddened by the news that a stalwart of the continuing fight to bring an alternative voice to the world to that of the multinationals, McSpotlight, has been crippled by THE MILLENIUM BUG.

Sources within mcspotlight would comment only that as the new millenium does not start until January 01 2001, they could not have been affected. The group nevertheless attempted valiantly to combat this impending disaster, added mcspotlight: "well, i was moderating my 12,000 messages during my lunch break when it occured to me that we should check our laptop, so i got my brother frank to look over it and he said it looked okay to him. Of course he's a gardener, but money's a bit tight right at the moment".

Where is the evidence, you may ask? Upon posting a message (no doubt moderated by my ultra-reliable source) I was informed that it was:

"Added on Date: January 02, 19100"

After making sure that I had not accidentally fallen into a cryogenic chamber while delivering a pizza to a malicious prank caller, for over 17,000 years, the cause of the malfunction became obvious.

McDonalds has officialy denied any responsibility for mcspotlight's technological difficulties, saying, "McShotRight? We don't know who they are, but we love them all the same".

addendum: every word of this message (no, it wasn't really sourced from reuters) is false except the line "Added on Date: January 02, 19100" which i did receive after posting a message griping about crew numbers in the kitchen. I did not have a source within mcspotlight or mcdonalds.

addendum to addendum: This addendum to addendum, and the addendum preceding it, are the only other true portions of this important public announcement.

McSpotlight: *grin*; yes, we know about it. The much-delayed revamp of the DR should fix it; as far as we know, the new version works OK; we will be rolling it out as fast as we can...Honest, guv'nor.

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