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Posted by: mike ( ontario, canada ) on January 10, 19100 at 12:09:52:

I haven't posted anything here for quite a while do to the fact that mcspotlight has total control of what gets posted. But I still keep looking in once and a while for a laugh or two. I just read a posting by a fellow that was a bit pissed for his postings not being posted. I also used to get postings REJECTED. These postings did not put down people with other views than mine, and they had everything to do with a subject being discussed. Now yes they did have a little cursing on them, but no more than you can read on this site at any time. The fact is that this is an anti Mcd's site and when comments are sent that either put down mcspotlight, or actually tell the truth for which Mcspotlight is speechless against, they REJECT it.

Now for a little story. I started at Mcd's 10 years ago as a crew person. I quickly became a crew trainer then a crew chief, and within a year from my start date I was promoted to swing manager. After about another year I was promoted to a second assistant, then 6 months later to first assistant. I've work for company as well as franchisee stores.
Now, not all was absolutly great during my stay at Mcd's but overall it was an experience that I'm glad to have had. I just recently left Mcd's for a career in a totally different area of the workforce. What some of you might find surprising, the fortune 500 company that hired me did so mainly because of the job at Mcd's, and the experience that job gave me. And that, I'm most thankful to Mcd's for. As I said earlier, Mcd's may not be a dream job, and things might not always go as you want, but I know of no other places to work that everything is perfect, except maybe hosting a debating web site that you can sit back and control the debate so that your side can win. To the people that post things here,whether you are anti or pro Mcd's, you should all look for chat/debating room that is not fixed and all views can be heard.

McSpotlight: Our policy is the same as it's always been; abusive or irrelevant posts will be rejected; other than that, all posts and posters are welcome.

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