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Sign to Remove AntiPlanet Judge

Posted by: Webmaster ( JudgeWatch, USA ) on January 10, 19100 at 12:41:13:

If you believe that everyone on the planet benefits when
an antiworker antianimal judge is removed from power..
please sign the following petition


The undersigned wish Judge Tam Scott of Aspen, Colorado recalled.

Judge Tam Scott of Aspen has thrown out a majority vote
to ban traps in Colorado on the basis
that it interferes with the unelected functions of a
wildlife department dominated by hunters and
trappers, whose numbers decline every year.

Trapped animals sometimes chew off their paws, die of
thirst or hunger, have their eyes pecked
out by birds of prey or are killed by other animals.
Trappers sometimes smash their heads in, shoot
them, or otherwise end their lives. Father Mother God
end the cruelty of trapping and fur
production everywhere now.

According to ABC News, December 30, 1999:

Aspen - Aspen Judge Tam Scott has overturned a ban on
animal trapping voters approved last
year. Judge Scott says Amendment 14 violates the state
constitution, which prohibits citizen
initiatives from intruding on powers that belong to the
executive branch, in this case the Division
of Wildlife. The decision came in the case of John
Greidig, who was charged with setting four
illegal snares on his sheep ranch near Basalt.

Traps have been opposed by Susan B. Anthony, Louisa Mae
Alcott, Mahatma Gandhi, Leo
Tolstoy, Vincent Van Gogh, Buddha, George Bernard Shaw.

For more information on this subject, the author
suggests the Web site: http://www.egroups.com/group/nofur

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