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Posted by: Gareth Wilkinson ( No thancks, Scotland (UK?) ) on January 10, 19100 at 13:06:57:

I would like to relate to you a story about a friend(?)(aka SM) of mine. He began work at MacDonalds some 8 years ago part-time, while he was at collage. He was fulled with talk of the potential of advancement within the MacDonalds organisation(!). The fact that he could go far (along with the constant reminders form the management and fellow workers) saw him through 7 years of 50 hour weeks and was directly responsible for him putting less than the required effort into his degree course. His job at M'D's came to a endin a most unfortunate manner - wishing to go out with the rest of the crew(?) and to be one of the team(?) but finding himself (possibly(!) due to low wages) low on cash was tempted to lift (a little) from the till.
As I heared this story related to me by SM my first thought was that he was a victim of his own greed (the view tempered by the fact that he had become a M'D Robot). The story though did not end there!
SM then related to me how he was called to his bosses office. The boss then said to him "I am going to sack you what everyou say, but tell me if any of the other staff are steeling."
Now you may have been wondering about the question mark next to FRIEND at the top of this story well...
SM when I asked him what he said in reply to his bosses comment said "I would tell you if I knew but I don't" - on the face of it not a bad way of putting things but HE MENT IT.
Now I can't stand up in court and swear to the truth of any of the above story but I can but my hand on my heart and swear that because of M'D' my friend(!) became my friend(?).
I applolgize for any miss-spellings I am dyslexsic(?).
If you want a reply from me about this posting then e-mail me gwilkie@lineone.net - I've a slow modem and 500k of messages just takes too long to down load. Thanks for listening.

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