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One contradiction after another

Posted by: Robert Christiansen ( Student, Denmark ) on January 10, 19100 at 13:50:44:

1. Your voting system suck ... it's to easy to cheat ... so sew me!
2. The whole site is outdated and needs a major overhaul ... but then again ... you've been saying that for almost 2 years now!
(quote: STOP PRESS: 3/3/98 We're planning a major overhaul of the Debating Room. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please email us and we'll try to incorporate them. Thanks.)
3. It IS true that children play an important factor in McDonald's advertising, but it does so too with every other firm that knows that children are important. I can mention 3-4 other large restaurants in denmark that uses the exact same campaign methods ... who is sewing them?
4. McDonald's Denmark is ranked in the top 5 paying jobs in denmark for people without an education, and you can even get an education in economics by working at McDonald's ... go figure?
5. We do NOT work our butts of, more than any other company interested in making a profit so that we may keep our job. What company isn't interested in staying alive?
6. When hired, every person is explicitly told that they are free to join a union.
7. The Union has actually made working at McDonald's less flexible than before. Some good, some bad.
8. Average pay per hour at McDonald's Denmark is 10 ... i would think its a lot more than other countries, but blame the government for high taxes then! The government takes from 50%-60% here in denmark.

I'll post more when i get around to it ... but for know ... lets just leave it at this ... you smucks probably won't read it anyway!

McSpotlight: Right...

1. So what if the voting system is easy to cheat? It's a simple little CGI script; it has no real importance as such. If you want to spend your life voting millions of times just to make it go your way, even though it doesn't really do anything, then it's your choice.

2. Yeah. It's slipped a bit; we're a small bunch of perpetually busy volunteers. We've still had over 85 million hits in the last four years.

3. Remember exactly who sued who. McDonald's tried to sue the McLibel Two for saying that they exploited children via advertising. The McLibel Two didn't say that other companies didn't exploit children; that's why McDonald's went to court.

4. Here in the UK, McDonald's pays as low a wage as they can without falling foul of the minimum wage; to quote Sid Nicholson, the then UK Vice-President; McDonald's "couldn't actually pay any lower wages without falling foul of the law". The judge ruled that they paid their staff low wages.

5. Really? That's not what the various witnesses said in court.

6. Sid Nicholson; then the UK Vice-President, testified that employees who joined a labour union "would not be allowed to collect subscriptions...put up notices...pass out any leaflets...to organise a meeting for staff to discuss conditions at the store on the premises...or to inform the union about conditions inside the stores".

In other words, you're allowed to belong to unions as long as you don't make any action that indicates that you do so; since the whole purpose of unions is to give the workforce some form of bargaining power, this effectively renders any union of store workers redundant.

7. If by 'flexible' you mean 'open to exploitation, then this is a Good Thing. Unions tend to enforce employment law; especially where employers could get away with breaking it in their absence.

8. And look at Denmark's excellent infrastructure. Do you want to live in a country like the US; that has no health service worth speaking of, little employment protection and persistently abuses human rights?

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