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nobody in fact knows why global warming is occuring.

Posted by: Grillboy ( maccas, australia ) on January 10, 19100 at 16:14:20:

In Reply to: Have you heard of how Mcdonalds is througly corrupting our planet? posted by Melanie H. on January 10, 19100 at 11:28:31:

: Our planet is becoming an oven from global warming contributed largely by McDonalds corporations.

Whatever your arguments about hormone-injected cattle and deforestation, surely your credibility is ruined by this argument -- nobody in fact knows why global warming is occuring. Global warming is occuring, but this could be caused by anything from the sun getting hotter to there being fewer clouds in the sky, to industrialisation.

I'm sure i read somewhere that the upward trend in global temperatures began before the industrial revolution. Do you know whether this is true? If not then dont make the argument that McDonalds causes, or even contributes to, global warming.

McSpotlight: The current trend of global warming began in the late 1950s; the mean surface temperature has risen 0.5C since 1976.

One of our regulars on the Capitalism and Alternatives board recently posted a letter from three big groups stating quite clearly that industrial activity was the major factor in global warming today.

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