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Cop a load of this.

Posted by: Ex Burger Hand/counter hostess ( Australia ) on January 10, 19100 at 16:34:00:

In Reply to: That is very unsanitary. posted by TBEER on November 27, 1999 at 13:04:00:

I worked at Hungry Jacks, a wannabe Aussie version of Burger King, from 1987 to 1992. We had a hostile adolescent employee who used to flick snot into the fryers and watch it skitter about. I once objected to using green ham that smelt when i opened the pack, and was told to just shut up and use it it was Ok, by a manager who was gagging as he lied. The pipe that took the melt water from the ice bin was just a piece of garden hose that had been colonised by some bugs that would grow into a big mucuossy slug that would block it...a favourite joke was to give it to a new kid to unblock, and listen to them scream Oh mi god Oh mi god as they extracted a HUGE bit of mucus all in one piece. One of our fridges used to give electric shocks. The store got held up twice in a row and the second time a fifteen year old girl got a knife held at her throat and it would not have happened if management had learnt properly the first time. Once a kid was filtering the fryer oil and he hadn't been trained properly and he kicked the filter machine and boiling hot oil went all over his boots and I grabbed him and got him to a hose and hosed his boots off with cold water and as the heat started getting thru (Doc martens, hard to remove) the manager was just abusing him for the waste of oil and the time it would take to clean up. A 14 year old girl tried to catch the tomato slicer when she dropped it, and nearly lost 2 fingers. Whenever the health inspecters were coming to do do a bacteria count on the shakes and sundaes I would be rostered to do cleanup, as i was one of the few that could be trusted to breakdown the machine, clean it properly and leave the bits to soak in sanitiser overnight. We used to take the shake mix out an put it in a bucket in the frigde and fill the machine up with fresh made up from powder mix and we'd have the best bacteria count in the business...they loved us. But when they left, in would go the old mix and I'd get taken off the cleanup shift and the kids would be back to their usual routine. Once the managers forgot to roster me because they forgot about the health department visit, and the bacteria figures were skyhigh...but because we were usually so good, they just came back the next day.

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