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mc donalds only care about money

Posted by: Sarah ( Ireland ) on January 13, 19100 at 11:19:46:

In Reply to: We hate Mc Donalds' posted by Jedd Paddy on May 15, 1998 at 11:08:53:

I am just writing to agree with you on the whole hatred of mc donalds .I also worked there ,for over a year,and I believe they are close to the meanest people you can work for.Our store manager did absolutely everything he could to cut costs,from keeping a little box next to the bin for the left over lettuce which we were then to use again and encouraging us to sell the out of date milk and just apologise if the customers noticed.
As for how the crew are treated ,its a complete disgrace.According to someone else we are paid overtime .on one occasion I worked a 13 hour shift and I have never seen any overtime .Also in my restaurant working overtime was not really an option the staff had ,if it was busy you werent allowed go home,simple as that.As for equal employment that is complete bullshit ,girls on tills, boys in kitchen every day.In the end I left Mc donalds because I was fired .There are two Mc donalds restaurants where I live and one night I went to the one where I didnt work.I was with my boyfriend and he knew on of the girls behind the counter who gave him extra food for free.Despite the fact that I was sitting down at a table and never even approached the counter,the regional manager recognised me and felt it was necessary to fire me.I didnt even know the girl and even only ate what I paid for.
I would love to see thousands boycott Mc Donalds because you really need to work there to understand that all that matters to them is money it comes before all their safety methods all the high value they preach about and most of all their staff.

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