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Radiation poisoning

Posted by: Andy ( UK ) on January 17, 19100 at 00:12:07:

This is what happened at a McDonalds in Hamurg
5 crew who worked at 1 of the Hamburg restaurants fell ill with radiation poisoning.
McDonalds have deliberatly stored regular patties next to Uranium isotopes, to see if radioactive burgers are more addictive. They have been proved correct.
Lawfully all McDonalds stores should follow these procedures.
All employees should have radiation suits.
All grill area's should have inbuilt geiger counters
All managers should be lynched (surely you mean given a large bonus-Ed)

McSpotlight: And if you believe that one, there's a bridge going cheap...

Seriously speaking, the provable facts about McD's are unpleasant enough; why invent more?

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