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I have talked- no results

Posted by: Ken ( Canada ) on January 19, 19100 at 23:20:08:

In Reply to: you didn't say if you talked to someone. posted by ben on January 19, 19100 at 17:19:28:

: ben says, "well maybe not $10.00 , just remember the entry level of management
: is about there,do you want to go into mngt.
: you didn't say if you talked to someone.what are your responsibilties
: there,how different are they from new crew.anytime i want a raise i add to my responsibility and help the business and that justifies
: my case when i speak to my operator."
I realize that $10.00 is entry level for management, but eventually ( with regular performance reviews and pay increases) you should be able to reach $10.00 or even more without a promotion. We have a mentally handicapped (I hope that is politically correct) crew member who has been with the store since it opened, and he receives a $0.25 raise every review regardless of performance. My manager even told me that they just give him the raises so they don?t have to try to explain to him what he needs to change. He makes over $11.00. He?s a good guy, but not much of a contributor to the store, and he has never learned anything more than grill. So don?t give me the bit about only management getting $10.00+.
Yes, I have talked to both my store manager and our operator. My operator just says, ?I?ll go through all your past records with you, and we?ll see if you missed any reviews or raises.? Which is totally skirting the issue, because it?s not about missed reviews, it?s about not compensating senior staff for increases in the minimum wage. I called his bluff and asked him to do that and he never produced the records.
My store manager says, ?I don?t have the power to just hand out raises, even though I think you deserve it. Before I can help you we have to convince (operator) that you deserve it.? Then he proceeds to tell me what hoops he wants me to jump through before my next review.

?Set a good example and help me put a stop to sexual harassment in the store and I promise your next review will be through the roof.? I did this and nothing happened.

?Our waste is way out of hand, help me fix it and you will get a raise.? Again nothing.

?We need to get our night staff whipped into shape.? I helped with this and still nothing.

You asked about how my responsibilities are different from other crew:
I?m the only full time trainer in the store. I?m the only full time closer. I designed our closing routine and put it all down in a very user-friendly form (on my own time), which has significantly cut labor costs on the maintenance shift. (Our store manager says that we have the best closing routine of any store he has ever seen.) I did the same thing for afternoon change-over in the grill area. I have organized the most successful crew nights our store has ever had. (movie nights with an attendance record of 69 people), etc?

I could go on but you get the point. I DO contribute a lot to the store. My operator acknowledges this by giving me a long distance card with 30 free minutes (it was expired when he gave it to me)
I?m not being one of those obnoxious little twits that walks in and says, ?I?m worth $10 or $15? without ever proving their abilities.
I didn?t just pull $10.03 out of thin air either. All of my performance wage increases + minimum wage= $10.03.
On top of all this I?m trying to support a wife and three kids. Anyways that's all for now. Sorry for being so long-winded, eh!

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