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Posted by: Ken ( Canada ) on January 20, 19100 at 22:22:24:

I'm not trying to defend MCDs as a corporation, but I would like to point out that all stores are not all the same. I have seen a lot of complaints here about forced overtime, not being scheduled for enough hours, not getting paid for all shifts, etc...

NONE of this happens in our store. In the winter the scheduled hours get cut back a little, but they are easy to make up by covering other shifts for people. We get paid for all hours. Our managers never MAKE us stay later than we are scheduled. In fact we want to leave in the middle of a scheduled shift our managers almost always say yes. If we are late we don't get in trouble.(they like a phone call first)If we can't make it at the last minute, it's not a big deal. We have no restrictions on our availabilties (one guy is only available from 2:00 - 6:00 on saturdays, and he gets the shift). One time one of my managers arranged with the shift manager of that night to let me leave in the middle of shift to go to the movies with him. He paid for the movie and when it was done I went back and closed the store. The shift manager told me he was going to let me get paid for the time when I was gone. I got paid to go watch a movie! McDs stores are not all that bad.

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