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I agree completely--I love working at McDonald's

Posted by: Kevin ( McDonald's crew, US ) on January 21, 19100 at 12:31:12:

In Reply to: Working at McDonalds - my opinion posted by Milena on October 21, 1999 at 12:02:25:

: In conclusion, I think people need to judge McDonalds from their experience. I think it's a good place because they've treated me well. However, don't be so narrow minded. I'm open to the fact that in some places, crew might be treated badly and the working conditions are not ideal and obviously the store manager has got a problem which needs to be urgently addressed.

: All I'm saying is that this world would fall apart if we didn't have fast food. McDonalds is just trying to meet the needs of those with a busy schedule. If you think that McDonalds is in the wrong, than you should blame all the fast food restaurant chains because it's not just McDonalds out there.

I'm in this same situation. I'm a senior in high school and currently have many activities to work around. I've been at the same store for almost 2 years now and they continue to be very flexible, understanding, and fair about everything. I get a raise every 60 days and currently make $7.50/hr (US currency) which is about 40% higher than minimum wage.

I eat at my McDonald's regularly and have no reason to believe that it is in any way dangerous to my health. Yes, it may be high in fat, but I'm still healthy and not the least bit overweight. And think about it, McDonald's is no worse than any other food. For example, pizza, mexican food, and steak are all just as high in fat and calories, but no one is criticizing them.

I congratulate the person who wrote the last message on his thoughts and I urge everyone to keep an open mind and not target McDonald's for the world's problems. There are bigger things to protest against.

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